Weekend Brunch in Des Moines

Brunch Options in Des MoinesNot quite breakfast and not quite lunch, brunch is the perfect “fill you up” meal to help you keep up energy and stamina for your day. When visiting the Des Moines area, there are many great establishments that offer this mid-morning meal at great prices with a fun atmosphere. From eggs with a side of steak to a full-blown comfort food delight, the options for brunch are truly endless.A very popular option is Baby Boomer’s Cafe, located in the bustling East Village. This  deli-type restaurant is open seven days a week and has reasonable prices. Its top sellers include hot turkey with mashed potatoes, American burgers and pancakes.

Another hot spot to try for brunch is Centro, which is located in downtown Des Moines. Here you can find gourmet breakfast and lunch foods that come together for the perfect brunch menu, at prices from $16 to $25 a plate. The restaurant accepts reservations but they are not required, and offers a full buffet bar for a morning pick-up.

For a change of pace, try the selection offered at the Gateway Market and Café. This is a lively gathering place for the surrounding downtown neighborhood, and the staff is friendly, reliable and eager to please. Come and enjoy great food and fresh-brewed coffee in a casual and fun setting for a fabulous brunch, including its signature dishes Gateway Omelet and House Ramen. Every sandwich is made with South Union artisan bread that is baked fresh on site. The menu at Gateway Market Café is an expression of the love of good food.

Mars Cafe, located in the Drake neighborhood, is another dining establishment that offers a superb brunch. Menu options include five different French toast choices made with fresh-baked challah from La Mie Bakery or poached eggs and bacon served with toasted ciabatta bread.

Finding a great place to have brunch in Des Moines is as easy as taking a stroll in the East Village or downtown. From classic American cuisine to high-end Italian delicacy, you have many choices for your brunch meal. Brunch is a fun meal that gives you the pick-up you need to continue your day of shopping or just enjoying the sites. No matter if you want a full meal with all the trimmings or just a light snack, the quality restaurants in Des Moines are sure to have exactly what you want.

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