What to Pack for Des Moines Winter Weather

Pack the right gear when in Des MoinesIf you decide to visit us at Valley West Inn during the winter, you need to know how to pack for Des Moines’ colder weather. To make your stay with us comfortable, read this guide on what to pack.

If you are a visitor who is unfamiliar with colder climates, you can receive quite a surprise when you visit with us during the cooler months. Before packing, you need to decide what you plan to do on your vacation. Do you want to stay mostly indoors, visiting places like the Science Center of Iowa and the IMAX; or do you want to play outside at attractions like Sleepy Hollow Sports Park? Obviously, if you want to stay mostly indoors, you just need to pack long pants, long sleeve shirts and a warm jacket to keep the chill at bay while you run from your car to the indoors. A hat, gloves and a scarf are also suggested ways to keep warm. However, you can likely experience a better vacation if you pack warmly enough to enjoy our great state.

When packing for outdoor activities, first decide what sort of things you want to do in Des Moines. Do you want to snowboard and ski or skate at Brenton Skating Park? If you plan to ski, you need a ski suit and protective goggles that block UV rays. Believe it or not, you also need sunscreen. If you are visiting from the South, you may think sunscreen is just for hitting the beaches. It is actually very easy to burn in the winter, especially when skiing and snowboarding. When sunlight reflects off the snow, you get hit by UV rays from both the sky and the ground, doubling your risk for burns. Make sure to get high SPF, waterproof sunscreen. Also, make sure to pack a hat with ear protection or ear muffs. Additionally, gloves are a necessity. If you want to ski or snowboard, these gloves also need to offer protection in case you have a spill.

If you decide to visit with us during the winter months, you have made a great decision. Iowa in the winter is beautiful, and Des Moines has lots of fun activities and places to visit. However, you must make sure to pack correctly if you want to enjoy your trip. Plan ahead, pack warm and prepare to have the trip of a lifetime.


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